Reflections ... from the Holy Doubt:

The "Doubt, Holy" (19-05-2000)

To value the history (26-05-2000)

Story of a bullet (02-06-2000)





Golden Wedding of marriage

On the 1st of May, Mr Cosme Prat Vilaplana and Mrs Rosalia Pons Vilaro (of Cal Prat of Ivorra) have celebrated the 50th anniversary of their marriage in a mass in the Sanctuary of the Holy Doubt, accompanied by their children and grandchildren and other relatives and friends.





New edition of the Couplets

A new edition of the "Couplets of Our Lady of Ivorra amb the Holy Doubt" has been published owing to the feast of the first Sunday after Easter. It is illustrated by an image of the Gothic Reliquary that the medieval relics contain. It consist of 2000 popular exemplaries and 250 numbered exemplaries. You can order them by electronic mail.





Congregation on the first Sunday after Easter

On the 30th of Abril in 2000, in the named "Sunday after Easter", the traditional congregation has been celebrated in the Sanctuary of the Holy Doubt of Ivorra with the participation of Tora and other villages of the surrounding.

This year the Jubilee 2000 has been celebrated and has summoned about 650 people.

In the mass celebrated by the priests of Ivorra and Tora, the choral of Granyena participated. Afterwards and while the guild lunch was being prepared, the band of musicians "l'EsgŁell" of Bellpuig, sendered and gave a note of colour and feast to the congregation.

The guild lunch, based on "paella" (or dish of rice with meat, chiken, fish, etc.), pork sausage of Ivorra, fruit and coffee, was served to more than 40 people of Ivorra in six long tables of more than 30 metres each one.

This year the Association of the Artistic Patrimony of Tora has organized the 19th Popular March up to the Sanctuary of the Holy Doubt and the travellers have joined to the celebration of the Congregation of the Sunday after Easter.


THE DOUBT, HOLY (19/05/2000)

All the people, sice we are children, search models of identification to assemble them. Models which  have characteristic that can be imitated and go configuring their own personality. The psychologists have studied a lot this process and have valued the importance which the fourding of models  of identification  has in the childhood valid for the formation and evolution of a person in an integral way.  

In a social level we also search these models which give us identity as a group. Sometimes it will be a football club or an important and famous person who becomes an idol more or less ephemeral.  

Throughout history, the heroes and saints have been praced as models of virtues to be imitated and followed by the people who can identify with them. The truth is that to the category of sanctity (or of model to imitate) people with characteristic and virtues so high and sublime that hardly we can identify ourselves are always elevated. At most, we are astonished with their heroicities and virtues.  

For this, it malles me think that the “Holy Doubt of Ivorra" that these days has been news, pretends to elevate to the category of sanctity a human quality, the fact of doubting, that in principle appears as a weakness or as a pedestrian thing and at the hands of everybodyl. The Holy Doubt, so, is presented as a “Doubt Holy”, as a human characteristic elevated to the most sublime category, as a model to imitate, even though it may seem a contradiction.  

However, if we think, it is very certain that the doubt is the beginning of all search, of all investigation, of all evolution and progress. The person that doesn't doubt and is very sure of herself, is a person that won't look for that won't be interrogated that will be immobilized inside her fatuous securities.  

FermŪ Manteca.





TO VALUE THE HISTORY (26/05/2000)  

There are people who have no historic sense, who think that all the history has passed in their short life and further their existence everything is prehistory. It is proper, on the other hand, of adolescence that this feeling is given in a moment of the evolution of personality in which their maturation has to be guaranteed. This brings, sometimes, in a traumatic way, not to know how to value or to devalue the past times and the generational conflict.

The truth is, nevertheless that us, each one of us, we are fruit of the history that has preceded us and that it has facilitated our existence. To know how to value in their fair measure the past things gives us historical sense and the enough maturity to build a future better.

At social level, the towns and the cultures are also fruit of the last history. The historical events are those that go configuring and they give identity and specific character to each country. A town that loses its historical sense, is a town that will lose its identity and it will be heading to disappear as such.

For that reason it is so important to recover the own history, to value it, to remember it and to transmit it to the youngest generations. And not in fact to be stagnated in the past, but to build a future with the conscience that we are part of a longer history that our existence. We must forget that the things that now are that that that now we make and we have they have not arisen of he swims her, but rather they have left configuring and evolving through the time. In fact, to recover the own history is to recover the own identity.

FermŪ Manteca






HISTORY OF A BULLET (02/06/2000)  

First stage. - The matter prevails to build the bullet it is necessary to buy it in countries producing of the same one, in this case an African country. The bullet main character of this history will manufacture it in a country of the first world, for example Spain that he will care the lead to bill of the foreign debt of that African country. Total, to under price.  

Second stage. - In the factory of weapons there is transforms and it elaborates the bullet that will contribute to make go up the wealth and the well-being of the inhabitants of this country of the first world. The bullet has been clever to be sold once they have received the order.  

Third stage. - The package of the shipment is already made. The order is about to be served. The address indicates that the destination is an African country. In the interior it indicates if it is for the army of that country or for a revolutionary grup that is in war. The high price of the invoice, justified by the cost of the production and for the index of level of life of the manufacturing country, it will be paid with the money dedicated in principle to give of eating the inhabitants of the African country of destination.  

Fourth stage. - Our bullet is already in the forest of the interior of Africa. It has gone by different cartridge belts of the revolutionary liberation army, or something like that. The string of bullets madeinspain is finally inserted also in that rifle of production first-world-atrib. Careers for the forest. A military comboy. A highway. An ambush. A blast. An explosion in our main character end. A quick flight. It is already. The end of the bullet has been consummated, also causing the end of a person madeinspain: he is a journalist.  

Fifth stage. - The leaders and the inhabitants of the country producing of the bullet are dismayed when receiving the news of the death of that person. They don't know, however, the origin of the bullet that has killed him. And they are not dismayed by the thousands of deads that cause the thousands of bullets that manufacture.  

Conclusion. - That each one serve the conclusion that him seems. I feel like cry for the price of the well-being and of the level of life of the first world. And I am embarrassed of being part of him.  

FermŪ Manteca